Refuel on vitality

Water, warmth and recuperation

With every stroke in the pure Stubai mountain spring water of our pools you will find a new source of energy and vitality. Dive into the invigorating wetness and feel it for yourself.

Let the bubbles of our whirlpool soothe your body. If you want some more privacy, why not enjoy our indoor whirlpool for up to two people. Our outdoor whirlpool has space for more people. Movement under water has a similar effect to a gentle massage.

The pleasant warmth of our saunas ensure that you feel completely at ease. The epitome of relaxation can be reached in combination with a refreshing cool-down and recuperation in our peace and quiet areas. This can all be enjoying in the relaxation areas of our elegant "Aqua Sanus" spa.

Relaxation areas in the "Aqua Sanus" spa

Take some time out to do the things that are good for you:

  • Indoor pool: Swim in the Stubai mountain spring water in a room that makes you think you are in a traditional Roman bath. Including a small slide for children.
  • Outdoor whirlpool: Enjoy a massage thanks to the water jets in our whirlpool - outdoors, so you can admire the views at the same time.
  • Finnish sauna: At around 95° C and with a humidity of 5-10 % your body warms up slowly. After around 10 minutes an infusion is poured on the hot stones, creating a humid atmosphere. Invigorate your circulation afterwards with cold water of ice from the ice fountain.
  • Pit sauna: Sauna enjoyment at 70-80° C in the "pit sauna". Wood, stone and glass give of heat, slowly heating up your body. Relax for around 10 minutes before an infusion cause you to work up a sweat.
  • Organic sauna: At 40-45° C and with a pleasant humidity of 40-45 % you can inhale the essential oils and relax for up to 15 minutes. Afterwards, stimulate you circulation with cold water.
  • Infra-red warmth bath: Gently sweat at 35° C and free your body of metabolism waste products and has a positive effect on your skin, joints and blood pressure.
  • Ice fountain: Cool off after a sauna by rubbing ice on your body. A wonderful feeling on the skin after a hot sauna.
  • Foot pools: Put your feet in our "foot whirlpool" - choose between hot and cold water - and experience the soothing effect of a 15 minute foot massage.
  • Steam-salt water bath: Just like a trip to the seaside, this steam salt water bath will do great things for your skin and airways. In this warm cabin, the fine sea salt mixes with essential eucalyptus and mint extracts. Duration around 15-20 minutes.
  • Salt water room: Relax on a 32° C warm water bed and enjoy the healthy climate of the salt water room. The salty air makes it easier to breathe and is good for your skin. The play of colours created by light passing through an original salt stone from the Himalayas, also helps you to relax.
  • Relaxation rooms: Lie back in the relaxation oasis on one of our loungers with relaxing music. Alternatively you can also relax by the pool or elsewhere in the 1,000 m² "Aqua Sanus" spa. Take a seat in the seating area in the Tiroler Stube or on a bed in the Heustadl.
  • Fresh air grotto: Cool off between saunas in the fresh air.
  • Indoor whirlpool (for an extra fee): Chips for use of this whirlpool are available at the reception desk as well as at the beauty reception desk (20 minutes - 10 Euro).
  • Solarium (for an extra fee): Tokens for the solarium are available at the reception desk as well as at the beauty reception desk (15 minutes - 7 Euro).